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Full Family Dentistry

Creating Beautiful Smiles…

Your Smile Makes a Statement. Show It Off With Confidence! Personalized Care For Every Smile
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In a Comfortable, Relaxing Environment,You can Take Advantage of a Myriad of Dental Services.

01.Sedation Dentistry

01.Sedation Dentistry

No Needles, Complete Sedation, No Sedation Hangover, and all procedure done at one time are some of the many benefits.


Optimize your whole body health with our one-of-a-kind holistic dental exam. Other general dentistry treatment options include…


You deserve a smile you love to show off! Our minimally-invasive, cosmetic dentistry services produce amazing results. Choose from…
04.ZOOM Teeth Whitening

04.ZOOM Teeth Whitening

ZOOM In-office whitening is the ultimate whitening system available. It is the best way to get "your" teeth as white as physically possible.

Meet Our Providers

Our dental team are highly qualified to provide superior dentistry for all ages, from children to older adults.

Dr. Sarah Beers, DDS
Dr. Sarah Beers, DDSDoctor of Dental Surgery
Dr. Kara Hardin, DDS
Dr. Kara Hardin, DDSDoctor of Dental Surgery

Why Dental Health Is Important ?

Our teeth have such an important role to play in our lives. They help us chew and digest food, they help us to talk and speak clearly and they also give our face its shape.
Keeping our teeth for life
By brushing our teeth twice daily, maintaining a low-in-sugar diet and regularly visits to our dental professional, we can help reduce the risk of such diseases like dental decay and gum disease – both of which can result in tooth loss.

Dr. Hardin and Dr. Beers' Smile Designs

Smile Design allows you to actually "preview" what your new smile can loook like. After the inital consultation we will add sepcial material to your teeth so that you canview our proposed changes.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Extractions
  • Custom Restorations
  • Root Canals

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