Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Erin Brady has been utilizing Sedation Dentistry since 2009. It has been an absolutely wonderful option for patients.


There are NO NEEDLES (or IVs) used to sedate the patient. The desired effect is achieved with a combination of oral medications, all of which are extremely low Central Nervous System (CNS) depressants, so there is very, very little risk.

COMPLETE SEDATION Denistry allows the patient total relaxation during the procedure and no memory of the treatment.

There is “NO SEDATION HANGOVER” the next day, and studies show the patient experiences less post-op sensitivity.

Sedation SAVES TIME… it prevents multiple appointments when a patient needs several procedures and “wants to get it over with all at once.” Since we are able to work quickly and efficiently with a completely relaxed patient, we are able to accomplish multiple procedures in one appointment.

We also provide SEDATION FOR SINGLE PROCEDURES per the patient’s request due to the high anxiety some patients experience at a dental office.

“NOTE:  There is a $340 fee for a Sedation Appointment.  This fee is not covered by insurance.  Since we reserve a chair for our patient for the entire morning, the $340 fee is non-refundable without a 48-hour notice of cancellation.”

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