About Us

About Us

Located in Fayetteville, AR, Dr. Erin Brady, Dr. Sarah Beers, and their long-term staff, strive to create a loyal, happy, and comfortable environment for everyone.  We have sought out the personalities that match our morals and ethics, and we are so excited to continue this unique environment. We understand that we work “for” our patients and make every effort to give them the utmost quality and satisfaction they deserve. 

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Our Guidelines

LISTENING to our patient’s concerns and taking the time to answer their questions.
TEACHING our patients proper dental care.
RELAXING our patients with options of:
  • Nitrous Oxide- “laughing gas”
  • Light Sedation- an anti-anxiety medication
  • Sedation (non-I.V) – a combination of oral medications and nitrous to achieve and experience complete relaxation and no memory of the procedure.

ACHIEVING comprehensive treatment for our patients in a way that is not overwhelming, but is attainable by maximizing insurance benefits and addressing other financial concerns.
FORMINGlong lasting relationships with our patients to understand each patient’s individual needs.

Are you a New Patient?

We provide the option for you to FILL OUT YOUR PAPERWORK ONLINE. Your information will download directly into our secure database at our office without the hassle of printing off patient forms or arriving early to your first appointment.


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